A household- the most multifaceted venture of them all

As versatile as the duties in a household represent themselves – as versatile and diverse are the qualifications of the candidates that Bonne ménagère places. The agency’s goal is to meet the wide-ranging requirement of our clients, as well as embracing our candidate’s skills and competencies and thereby creating compatible and functional collaborations.
Open positions to the following duties are to be found under the link for "Current Vacancies".

For the cultivated home

• Housekeeper / Governess • Laundress / Cleaning lady • Couples / Estate manager • Janitor
• Handyman / Allrounder

For the welfare of your children

• Nanny / Maternity nurse

For your personal welfare

• Butler / Maîtres d'Hôtel • Personal Assistants • Chauffeur • Bodyguard

For the welfare of elderly persons

• Elderly care • Companionship • Nurse

For the fine kitchen

• cook / freelance chef for special events

For a well kept garden

• Gardener

For the administration

• Private secretary / assistant